Private Tastings

Reserve a personalized private tasting. You will be part of a unique, exciting, improved sense of awareness of your senses that will not only be fun, but will uncover some of the secrets of wine pairing, that will renew your appreciation for the love of the grape, unleashing your palate, ensuring a renewed respect in your own ability to suss out what you like in a wine.

My Inspiration

The inspiration for GIOIA was born from the joy my son Tyler brings to my life. He studied abroad for a year in Florence, Italy, cherishing every second of his time there. Making the most of learning the language, traveling extensively…getting into the spirit of Italy. GIOIA is in honor and memory of his strength, his loyalty, how fiercely he loved life, his family, his friends, animals and his ability to embrace each day with open arms.

Gioia Cares

As long as I can remember, I have loved animals. When I got my first dog, a Sheltie we named Barstow, I felt what could only be described as true love for the very first time. I was a very young girl, but what I learned from Barstow and the things that happened to him, would set the stage for a lifetime of loving and caring for dogs.